Monday, 19 January 2015

My little sister becoming a little tiger

Before we jump to my next post about myself, let me show you one game my ten-year-old sister played a few days ago in a classical FIDE rated tournament under 2200. Her FIDE rating is still 1626, but I don't bother about it so much since I'm sure she'll improve rapidly in an instant *proud sister alert* :P

My sister, Diajeng, played Black here. The finishing part started in a common way, positional but not too positional while maintaining advantages in pieces activity which led to win some material.

                                                                       25... c4 26.£e3 £d7 27.f5 ¦xd4 28.¦de1

At first, I did not quite get her intention by playing 28... ¦d3, allowing White to play 29.£xa7. I thought she just simply missed it like what kids usually do. But her next moves showed an interesting plan which impressed me.

29... £c6 30.e6 ¦xh3+ 31.¢g1 Before entering the games of the tournament to my computer, my sister kept reminding me to pay special attention on Game 7 which is this. Now I know why :)

31... £d6!! It's looking good indeed, but after a few seconds of hesitation I decided to check it with my engine. And yes, this was the best move Houdini could show. 32.gxh3 £g3+ 33.¢h1 ¦d2 34.exf7+ Now it's already pretty easy for Black.

                                                                      34... ¢xf7 35.¦e7+ ¢xe7 36.£c5+ ¢f7 0–1

I hope this game entertains you as much as it did to me :)

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